Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions
  • Entry to the tipster Predictions is open to all residents in Kenya over 18years old.
  • Tipster takes no responsibility for incomplete entries or technical issues that may arise on completion.
  • Tipster reserves the right to amend, change or cancel the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In the event of a dispute, Tipster’s decision is final.
  • The service only gives possible chances of winnings and not guarantees that a team will win a football match.
  • The customer care number for this service is 0719786143.

In the event client subscribes via MPesa, the below rules apply:

1. The Mpesa pay bill number is 850710 and the account number is Tipster
2. The Minimum amount for this platform is Ksh. 50.
3. If a client sends money below Kshs. 50, he will be asked to top up the required amount to reach Kshs. 50
4. Kshs. 50 will is for a three day subscription while Kshs. 100 is for a week’s subscription.
5. You will receive three tips a day on the Website
6. The Customer will bear the costs for transactions if any; both payments and reversals.
7. Once the subscriber has been provided a key, we will not do any reversals.
8. No reversals can be done below Kshs. 100.
9. If you send less than Ksh. 50 you will be asked to top up to attain the set amount and you will not be able to view the tips unless you do so.
10. If you send more than Ksh.100 the amount will be carried forward to the next weeks’ tips
11. The log in key is only valid for the phone number it was issued to/ that made the payment
12. Once your subscription has expired, the login also expires
13. Every payment gives you a new login key for the tips
14. Tipster will not be responsible for any money sent to the wrong pay bill number. Kindly ensure that you have the correct pay bill number before you make payment.
15. Tipster will not take responsibility for any tips failed. We do not guarantee a win.
16. Tipster will NOT refund any money once the subscriber has been issued with a tip
17. This is not a betting service